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New Apple Phone Launched iPhone SE

About iPhone SE
Apple`s latest smartphone in the iPhone series was released this week, iPhone SE was introduced in the market in California City, USA.

Apple Now a days Introducing new mobiles frequently to retain the market in competitive world

The new phone will be available in India from 1st April for sales. This new model has been developed on the basis of Apple iPhone 6S.

iPhone SE Price is considered to be the lowest-priced among the Apple iPhone series.

The price in India is estimated to be Approx Rs.39000/-.

New Apple Phone Launched iPhone SE

New Apple Phone Launched iPhone SE

New Apple Phone Launched iPhone SE

Features of Apple iPhone SE:


Enhanced Wi-Fi

New Microphone

12 Mega-Pixel camera

4k Video recording with 4 inch screen

Apple Pay with fingerprint sensor

64-bit Apple A9 App


Voice remainder, known as Hey siri

Live Photo

Data Storage facility from 16 GB to 32 GB

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