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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Some Not So Serious Husband Wife Jokes

Some Not so serious Husband Wife Jokes
Wife: I hate you.
Husband: What a co-incidence..
Judge: Why did you shoot your Wife instead of shooting her lover?
Husband: Your Honour, it's easier to shoot a woman once, than shooting one man every week.
A husband takes photograph of his wife and then declares himself to be a "WILD-LIFE" PHOTOGRAPHER !!
How the Word..
"Wife" ..was invented?
They Took the First Two And Last Two Letters Of :- WildLife
A smart wife's note for the husband :
I am going out with my friends for dinner. Your dinner is in the recipe book, on page 25 and ingredients are available at reliance Fresh.
Newly married husband puts a notice in front of his residence:
Computer and Encyclopedia both in good condition.
Reason for selling: No longer needed. Got married. Wife knows EVERYTHING ...with backup server called
"Mother In Law "
Wife: "Darling Let's Enjoy our Saturday and Sunday"!
Husband: "Good Idea!, Let's meet on Monday....!"
BOSS hangs a Poster in his Office
He returns from lunch and finds a Note on his desk:
"Your Wife called, she was shouting & said she wants the Poster back at HOME..."
Boss to his friend: Kya zamana aaya hai. My secretary resigned yesterday.
Friend: Why?
Boss: She caught me with my wife in cofee shop
One Smart Guy Invented
His Wife Added a feature in it called
'Last Seen At'
Thank god she didnt add
'last seen with'!!
Wife: Dear, this computer is not working as per my command.
Husband: Exactly darling! its a computer, not a Husband..!!
Definition Of Happy Couple
HE Does What SHE Wants…
SHE Does What SHE Wants.
What's Marriage?
Answer : MARRIAGE Is The 7th Sense Of Humans
That Destroys All The Six Senses
And Makes The Person NON Sense..!
Punch Of D Day ....👊
Once A Man Asked God: "Why All Girls Are So Cute & Sweet, And All Wifes Are Always Angry
God Answered: Girls Are Made By Me ... And you make them Wife...!!!
Your Problem.. !!!