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World Complicated Problem Was Resolved After 300Years in 2016

World Complicated Problem Was Resolved After 300Years

World Complicated problem which remained unsolved over the last 300 years was solved by An England Professor.

Several people all over the world attempted to solve the equation/problem created by French Mathematician Febri D`Fermat.

The equation/problem remained unsolved for 300 years and posed a severe challenge to all mathematicians.

Mr. Andre Wills, a Mathematics professor from England, aged 62, has solved this equation/problem.The equation created by Febri D’Fermat is:

There are no whole number solutions to the equation xn + yn = zn when n is greater than 2

This is also known as Fermnat theorem.Professor Andrew worked in Oxford University during the 90`s.He solved this equation in the year 1994 itself.

Professor Andrew has been accorded with Abel Award. The award values Rs. 4.7 Crores. This award is considered the topmost award to be given to expert Mathematicians.

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